Guide to Design: Location

by Frederick H. Carlson
Guide to Design: Location

Climate, closeness to home, opportunity off-campus, and rural settings vs. urban settings are common variables for any student, not just those ready to move to an education in design.

Since the profession of design is so intimately involved with print markets, mass communication, business, and technical requirements and services, institutions stressing design are most often in urban areas. For extra-curricular and cultural prospects, large universities to small academies in urban locations can have self-sustaining opportunities for young students and professionals who need to be tuned in to the national design field, and trade groups are most likely to have representation in cities of size.

The design arts can have major cultural exposition in a university town with decent museums and galleries and these can be in the rural areas of the country. Your particular goals and specialties for the future are key in deciding on the location of your future school.

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